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CSA App Description 

This App has been designed by practicing GPs to help GP registrars pass the MRCGP CSA examination. This App is based around MRCGP cases that are similar to the harder end of the spectrum found in the examination. The App not only provides 10 cases, with candidate briefs, actor’s briefs and examination findings, but also for each case the walk-through is detailed. This CSA app is suitable for the MRCGP CSA exam as well as the MRCGP [INT] examination

This is the first CSA App available made for the MRCGP CSA examination.

Summary of features:

Communication Skill advise
10 Free full CSA Cases with walk-through
Test yourself with our inbuilt 10 minute timer
Videos on how to explain some common medical conditions
Extra cases packs available to download soon
In App purchases of 2 CSA course books coming soon.

Disclaimer: MRCGP CSA Course Prep is not affiliated with the RCGP. All CSA cases used have been written anew by MRCGP CSAPrep facilitators to be of the same standard (if not harder) than those seen in the actual MRCGP CSA exam. If there is any perceived resemblance between the MRCGP CSAPrep cases and the CSA exam this is purely co-incidental and not intentional. All characters and patients depicted in the App are entirely fictitious. Any perceived semblance to persons living or dead is co-incidental. 

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MRCGP CSAPrep course iPad App

CSA Prep have created its own MRCGP CSAprep course IPad app so that you can practice and role-play cases under exam conditions similar to what you will experience in your exam. The IPad app has been designed to be as close to that found in your CSA exam. All the candidates briefs are only available in the MRCGP CSAprep app with no physical notes. Along with the practice you will get with MRCGP CSA experienced actors - the CSAprep course is 'as close to the MRCGP CSA exam as possible'

More information regarding the use of the IPad in the MRCGP CSA exam: click here