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Testimonials & feedback

Hi Dr Nazmul and Muhammed Akunjee, Thank you very much and I passed the exam.Thank you very much for your guidance in the course. Regards 

Dr LD GP ST3, Manchester 
4 Feb 2015 5/5

Hi, Many Thanks for your excellent course- I found out today that I passed my exam! Very pleased and grateful for all your helpful tips on the course day and books. I will definitely be recommending your course to my colleagues. Thanks Again!!

Dr L GP ST3, Kent 
2 Feb 2015 5/5

Evening, I've passed!!!!!!!!, Thank you so much for your help!!! I got 84 out of 117

Dr N GP ST3, Luton 
2 Feb 2015 5/5

Dear Nazmul & Muhammed, Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I passed with a pretty good score :-) Pass mark was 72 and I got 90! Very pleased :-) It was quite a tough one with some unusual cases and ethical dilemmas, your course definitely helped. And you were right, I was ready and didn't need the 2 for 2 course, thank you for being so honest! Keep up the good work, Best wishes,

Dr K GP ST3, Kent 
11 Dec 2014 5/5

Thanks guys. I passed the December exam (first sitting). Very useful course. Gave me the confidence to sit the exam. Have recommended to colleagues. Thanks

Dr KG GP ST3, Northampton 
11 Dec 2014 5/5

Dear dr Akunjee,You will be pleased to know that I passed my csa on the third attempt. I attended your course 2 weeks before my exam and your csa symptom book was a very valuable asset in my preparation. I'm so happy, I can not thank you guys enough!!!. I will definitely be using that book for years to come!

Dr P GP ST3, London 
11 Dec 2014 5/5

"Guys, Just to let you know I passed my CSA with an amazing score of 102!! Keep up the good work with CSA prep course. Thank you. :-)) sorry could not resist! The course definitely gave me the confidence to approach the exam with calm mind, which helped enormously! See you.

Dr M GP ST3, London 
4 June 2014 5/5

Hey guys!!! Just want to share with you guys my good news! I have just checked and I have passed the csa with 90. 
Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement! I really appreciate it.

Dr KT ST3, London
5 June 2014 5/5

I Muhammad & Naz, Hope you are both well. I have finally passed by CSA second attempt, I got 89 this time. I attended CSAprep course on 25th of January 2014 and found it to b excellent thanks for all your help. Thank you. Kind regards,

Dr ATR ST3, Birmingham 
3 June 2014 5/5

Hi, many thanks for your support and guidance. I passed with 86 marks( pass mark 72). best wishes

Dr AV ST3, Manchester
7 June 2014 5/5

Thanks, I passed with score 95, pass mark 75, Regards

DR AR ST3, Manchester
5 June 2014 5/5

Thank you one again!, So happy I passed. And got 90. Thank you your help

Dr EW ST3, London
24 March 2014 5/5

Dear Muhammed and Naz, I am happy to say I PASSED!, ST2s at CMH VTS have already been asking for advice re courses- I am recommending you 100%. Thanks for a great course. Your course was of great value for me and I will be recommending your course to my ST2 colleagues, no doubt!! Already started doing so :)

Dr LS ST3, London
21 March 2014 5/5

Hi, Thank you I passed my exam! It was a really good course and I will def. recommend it. 

Dr KS ST3, London
21 March 2014 5/5

Hi, I'm SW , attended one day CSA prep course in jan , hope u remember , was superb and by grace of God I passed very well. Will strongly recommend it to others .thanks for the fantastic course

Dr SW ST3, Birmingham
19 March 2014 5/5

"I passed got 86 thanks to god, thank u so much for ur help :) the course was excellent and the free cases u gave were really good too:). Regards," 

Dr W GP ST3, London 
19 March 2014 5/5

Dear Nazmul and Muhammed, Many thanks for your help!! I've passed CSA!! Still can't believe that it's all over. thanks once again

Dr KF GP ST3, London

"Thanks for your help. Got 96 on my csa exam! what a shock. I passed thanks to the help of yourselves and also some books i bought that were good. Your actors are brilliant. Please thank them for me" 

Dr SB GP ST3, London 

My name is Ehab, I attended your 2 for 2 course and I was sitting the exam for the fourth time. 
I have got some good news which is I passed not only the exam but the whole 13 cases and I attached the results for your records (scored 79, pass mark 73), thanks a lot for your mock exam help which got me to fine tune my performance for the exam and that had great emphasis on communication and difficult cases in the exam.

Dr EA GP ST3, Manchester

Hi, I am very pleased to say I passed with 89! The pass mark of the day was 74. I am extremely thankful for the csa course I had with you. Thank you very much for your support! (I previously fail by 1 mark)

Dr RD GP ST3, Birmingham

"You will be happy to know that I passed the exam, scored 81 (pass 73). I guess my little outbreak helped to relieve some tension! Thank you for your help!“ 

Dr RR GP ST3, Leeds

"I just want to give you guys a real REAL thank you. You save my life. i had failed it 4 times but now past on my last attempt. Previously got 60 and now passed with 78 (pass mark 74) on my last and final attempt. At last can look forward to being a GP and not having to prepare all the time for the CSA exams. Seriously though thank you so much." 

Dr SH GP ST3, London

“I am indebted to you for life. I cannot thank you enough. I past the csa exam by 91 and i thought i was going to fail. You really put me in the right direction and game me so much support. a genuine thank you. Keep it up  as your course is excellent” 

Dr FG GP ST3, London

“I failed previously by 1 mark after all my friends past together. After coming back to your course (2 for two course) I have finally passed my exams. Scored 85. Thanks again for your help.” 

Dr IK GP ST3, Manchester

"Its me, just want to inform you by the grace of God and with your guidance and your support i passed my csa exam on my first attempt! i got 78 (pass mark 73), close but Thank God i passed."

Dr TB GP ST3, Maidstone

"I dont know if you remember me but i came to your course accidently one day early as well! by the Grace of God i have passed. i just wanted to say A Massive thank you for all your hep. it wasnt only your coaching but that confidence that you gave me that carried me through, i cant tell you how upset i was in those days and if your trainer isnt supportive then you know how it must be like. on my exam day i just kept on thinking you told me i was good enough to pass so i should concentrate on that so A massive than you from me and my family (esp my mom - she'll think of you in her prayers) as well cos i told her about you guys. i wish you alot of success."

Dr SA, GP ST3, Kent

"I went on the deanery CSA course and was disappointed with having only one go with the actors. I am pleased that you had so many chances with them. “ 

Dr MN GP ST3, Manchester

"Thank you for your help, good news passed my CSA.
Very happy.
Best wishes"

Dr IM GP ST3, Portsmouth

Dear Nazmul and Muhammed. 
Passed CSA .Thanks a lot for the help. The pass mark was 72 and i scored 77!"

Dr M GP ST3, Derby

Hi, Just found out I passed my CSA, just wanted to say thanks for your help and advice on the course. Kind regards

Dr SB GP ST3, Liverpool

"Passed the exam, is a huge relief!! Just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for help on the course! Hope you're well!"

Dr KK GP ST3, Leeds

Many Thanks for such a detailed & encouraging feedback. I really appreciate your feedback & the time devoted for it 
I have attended many courses in the past but have never come across such a detailed, honest & sincere feedback which 
could help you work on your weaknesses. 
I would hopefully try to control my anxiety that day & do my best leaving the rest to God. 
Surely would keep you updated. 
Best Regards


“Many thanks for your help and support. I feel better prepared now for the CSA than before. The actor’s feedback on how to pass was extremely useful. I look forward to sitting the csa with more confidence…” 

Dr MA GP ST3, Manchester

“Can I just say the actors were excellent and the cases very challenging… I had problems with breaking bad news in the past and found role playing them very useful…” 

Dr TA GP ST3, Hereford

“lots of practice …excellent actors feedback…excellent individual feedback…” 

Dr AK GP ST3, Newcastle

“Excellent course…excellent feedback…strongly recommended…” 
Dr PK GP ST3, Scotland

“Very good course. Also excellent case practice…ample opportunity for honest feedback…have attended other CSA courses…would rate this the best…” 

Dr SK GP ST3, London

"Very Good CSA cases and useful tips... very good actors and useful feedback..."

Dr GD ST3, Peterborough

"All difficult CSA cases, same (standard) as MRCGP cases... well done good work."

Dr SK ST3, Dorset

"I found feedback from your course and actors very beneficial and how I can consult better in the future... good mix of cases and real actors"

Dr NC ST3, London

"Practice with actors who have been working as CSA actors and receiving feedback from them... course trainers clearly had good knowledge of the CSA exams."

Dr NG ST3, Kent


"Very good course and actors... very realistic... helped to make us feel as if it was the real exam situation."

Dr LS ST3, Liverpool