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Choose between our regular CSA prep course or our mini-CSA course depending on how many times you wish to roleplay with the actors. Both couses are unique to all other courses as it only utilises professional CSA actors who all have acted out cases in the MRCGP CSA Exam. If you book on the course you will receive 2 MRCGP CSA books given to you free

Saturday September 2017 

CSA Prep regular CSA course
6 goes with CSA actors, see 18 cases in total - £399
2 MRCGP CSA Books worth £75 given free

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CSA Prep mini-CSA exam course
12 goes with CSA actors, see 18 cases in total - £745
2 MRCGP CSA Books worth £75 given free

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September 2017

CSA Prep regular CSA course
6 goes with CSA actors, see 18 cases in total - £399
2 MRCGP CSA Books worth £75 given free

Email for details

CSA Prep mini-CSA exam course
12 goes with CSA actors, see 18 cases in total - £745
2 MRCGP CSA Books worth £75 given free

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MRCGP CSA Prep regular course

18 cases 6 goes 4 csa actors csa course

The MRCGP CSA Prep regular course offers 18 cases on the day to see with each candidate performing 6 goes with the actors each. There are 4 different CSA actors to simulate the consultation. This should allow you to receive individualised feedback to pass your CSA exam. The CSA courses are designed to give you ample opportunity to simulate your CSA exam. The CSA course offers specialised tuition on the principles of good communication skills i.e. negotiation skills, breaking bad news, dealing with an angry patient necessary to pass your MRCGP CSA exams

mini csa exam course

MRCGP Mini-CSA Exam course

18 cases 12 goes 4 csa actors

The MRCGP Mini-CSA exam course continues to offer you 18 cases on the day. However the candidate role-plays 12 cases with the actors and facilitator. This will almost simulate doing a whole CSA exam on your own. You will get personal one to one feedback from both the actors and facilitators. This should give you maximum exposure to challenging cases as well as the CSA actors to best prepare you for the CSA exam

course programme csa prep

Programme for the MRCGP CSA course

The MRCGP CSA prep course begins with an introduction into what to expect in your CSA exam. Focuses is then turned to your communication skills. We utilising the MRCGP CSA trained actors in role play to reinforce learning. Later you have a series of role-play sessions with the MRCGP CSA actors held under exam conditions 

Registration on the MRCGP CSA course
The CSA course starts at 9 o'clock sharp. We hope all GP registrars can arrive between 8:45 - 9am. Tea and snacks are available at this time 

Welcome & Introduction to the CSA course
Presentations regarding the CSA course and GP facilitators and what to expect during the day 

What is the MRCGP CSA exam all about
Detailed explanation and presentation as to what expect on the day of your MRCGP CSA exam. Common pitfalls, and mistakes that GP registrars often do in the exam 

MRCGP CSA course Consultation skills

Mock CSA case roleplaying
The course facilitators have organised several mock CSA cases to perform with the candidates to illustrate the type of challenging cases that the MRCGP CSA exam has to offer 

Introduction, open / closed questions
Segment on the CSA course on how to introduce your self the patient, using open and closed questions as well as exploring their Ideas, Concerns and Expectation in a non-mechanical approach

Verbal, non-verbal, cues 
Interactive session on the CSA course with the GP registrars regarding communications skills, common verbal and even  non-verbal cues that the actors / patients may use during your consultation

Avoiding medical jargon
Candidates have an an opportunity to explain common medical conditions under pressure and offered feedback on their explanations

Negotiate a shared management plan
A component of the CSA course will be dedicated to learning how to negotiate a management plan that is inclusive and engages the patients and checks their understanding

Role-play CSA cases am session 1 
and feedback (5 Cases)


Role-play CSA cases am session 2 
and feedback (5 Cases)


MRCGP CSA course Consultations skills

Skills to deal with angry patient
Time is set aside on the CSA course to learn and role play a case with an angry patient with the CSA actors. This is so that you can learn useful techniques at appeasing their anger and addressing their frustrations simultaneously. It also looks at the complaints procedure 

Mastering Breaking bad news
An opportunity is offered on the CSA course at role play a case with an MRCGP CSA actor in how to break bad news. Again useful tips and approaches are taught in communications skills to broach this sensitive topic empathically

Role play CSA cases pm session 3 
and feedback (4 Cases)


Role play CSA cases pm session 3 
and feedback (4 Cases)

Feedback and tips from 
CSA course facilitators & MRCGP CSA actors
Another chance to hear from the CSA actors and facilitators regarding your overall feedback and a summary of useful tips and pitfalls to avoid on the day of your exam


booking form for csa prep

MRCGP CSA Course Electronic Booking Form & How to Pay
How to book your place on the MRCGP CSA prep course

1. Book through PayPal

In order to book a place on the MRCGP CSA course please click on the appropriate PayPal button for the course date you would like to book on. Once you have completed entering your details into PayPal for a secure transfer you will receive an automated email receipt for the course. You do not need to have a PayPal account to book a place rather have your credit or debit card details handy and click on the button where it says: 'Don't have a PayPal account?' as shown in picture below

mrcgp - csa courses - csa course exam

You will then be taken to an electronic booking form page where we would recommend you to complete. This allows us to tailor the CSA course and allows us to know your food preferences. Once you have completed both the PayPal as well as electronic booking form we will email you within 1-2 days of details of how to get to us and travel plans

2. Bank transfer

We do accept booking on the CSA course through bank transfer. Details can be given on request from CSAprep. We will then send you an electronic booking form to complete. Upon receipt your reservation will be confirmed

Cancellation policy for CSA courses

Places on CSA Prep courses are extremely limited. If you are unable to attend or wish to cancel a booking you must inform us as soon as possible. However, the following procedure will be observed If for any reason a candidate wishes to cancel their booking on the CSA course, once payment has been made. All bookings involve administrative costs and it is difficult to fill spaces made vacant by late cancellations. 

Cancellation charges depend on when we receive your written cancellation notice:

  • If the cancellation is made more than 28 days of the CSA course date, a full refund will be made minus an admin fee of £50
  • If the cancellation is made within 1 month of the CSA course date then no refund can be made 
  • If you are not able to attend but offer a full paying substitute candidate, this may be considered at the organiser's discretion 
  • Courses bookings on a specific course i.e. '2 for 2', or '6 goes' courses are not routinely transferable to another course type
  • For cancellations to a course booked within 28 days of its start date, no refund would be made. 
  • For non attendance on the day, no refund will be made.
  • for more information

    mrcgp csa course courses line