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The Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tool offers an opportunity to collect the opinions of peers and colleagues on your clinical performance and behaviour the GP trainee. It permits you to reflect upon and self evaluate on your performance as well reflect upon the comments made by others. It is a essential component of the Workplace Based Assessment  required for your MRCGP exam. 

2 MSF cycles of 5 clinicians only during the GP ST1 year 

None are required for the GP ST2 year

2 MSF cycles of 10 (5 clinicians and 5 non-clinicians) during the GP ST3 year

The MSF questions
There are 2 questions asked in your MSF the first offered to all respondents whilst the second only for clinicians. They are scored across a scale of 7 from very poor to outstanding. Each question offers an opportunity for the assessor to comment on areas to be commended and areas of suggested development.

  • Please provide your assessment of this doctor's overall professional behaviour
The assessor are recommended to assess the trainee on their ability to care, respect, show no prejudice, communicate effectively with patients. Other elements include respect for other colleagues, working constructively within the team, communicating well with other staff, speaking at an appropriate level of english to patients as well as fulfilling and not shirking their responsibilities. They are also to comment on your ability to take responsibility for their own learning.

  • Please provide your assessment of this doctor's overall clinical performance
The assessor should assess the doctors ability to conduct a through history, identify the patient's problems, to adopt a patient centred approach, requesting appropriate tests and investigations as well as involve other care members of the team where relevant. Other areas include developing and learning from clinical practice as well as perform clinical skills skilfully whilst being able to manage time appropriately.

How to use the MSF
You should ideally provide participants a letter informing them about the MSF process and the time limited nature of the assessment. Your educational supervisor should be made aware of which colleague have been invited to partake for the MSF and may contact the respondents back to verify that they have completed it. However neither yourself or your supervisor will know which respondence were generated from person. 

The Feedback
Once completed, your educational supervisor will receive all the scores and comments that are anonymised. This will be included in your 6 monthly or annual review to discuss about. You will have an opportunity to reflect upon the results and any conversations you have had with your trainer regarding these.