MRCGP CSA & AKT Exam fees

Intense one day coaching course covering all aspects of the MRCGP CSA exam. If you struggle on a particular case on the course we will let you re-roleplay the whole case if necessary! We focus on difficult consultations such as angry patients, breaking bad news and negotiating a shared management plan will be taught on the day role played with real CSA actors with MRCGP exam experience to reproduce the pressure of the MRCGP CSA exam. 

The MRCGP CSA exam and AKT exam can be financially challenging for GP ST3s especially if you have failed before and require to re-sit your exams. Below are the up-to-date fees for the RCGP exams from the 01.08.13 

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) examination fees

The AKT exam costs per sitting :             £517.00
AiT rate (discounted by 10%):                 £465.00

Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) examination fees

The CSA exam costs per sitting:             £1737.00
AiT rate (discounted by 10%):               £1563.00

There has been many conversations between the RCGP and GP trainees regarding the costs of the MRCGP exam with accusations that the RCGP are charging excessive amounts in order financially from it. The RCGP have reassured GP registrars that the cost of the CSA and AKT exam is cost neutral. They have produced an itemised breakdown of how much the CSA and AKT exam costs and where are your fees going to.

Tax relief on RCGP exam fees

The RCGP had previously informed candidates that their exam fees for the CSA exam and AKT exam were not tax deductible. However there has been a supportive case where one GP trainee successfully was able to claim a tax refund from HMRC for their CSA examination fees and AKT exam fees citing the case of Revenue & Customs Commissioners v Dr Piu Banerjee ([2010] EWCA Civ. 843). Whilst it is possible to claim your fees against tax the doctor must be an employee employed within a trainee contract. Tax relief claims can be request from upto 4 years from siting the exam. Further clarification can be sought from the HMRC manual:
It is important in cases, where relief is sought for training costs incurred under the terms of a training contract, for the employee to be able to demonstrate, by reference to the contract of employment and all other relevant documentation, that:
- Training is an intrinsic part of the contractual duties of the employment,
- All other duties are being undertaken as part of the training process. They constitute the practical aspects of the training process and are intended to complement the theoretical aspects of the training, which include the externally provided training,
- There is a mandatory requirement for the employee to undertake the external training as an intrinsic part of the duties of the employment and.
- Failure to complete the training and obtain the qualification will mean that the employee will not be able to continue in employment with the employer in the role that would otherwise have been available to them after qualification 

The advice given from the RCGP is to consult your own personal tax advisers is to seek clarification. For more information

MRCGP (CSA and AKT) examination cancellation policy and refunds

Candidates can cancel their exams dates within the set time defined by the RGCP. Fees are often kept in credit until you do sit the exam, however, if you do not plan to sit the exam for the next diet then a refund can be sought. If however you cancel outside the stated window or fail to attend on CSA or AKT exam date then you will forfeit your examination fee. If the reason for cancellation or failure to attend was beyond your control outside the stated application dates then supportive evidence would be required in writing or email to the RCGP. 

MRCGP (CSA and AKT) examination mitigating circumstances

The RCGP does accept certain mitigating circumstances for the MRCGP CSA exam and the MRCGP AKT exam. If successful candidates may be permitted to a further attempt at a particular MRCGP examination. Common examples of mitigating circumstances include a recent family illness or bereavement. These events may not necessary occur on the day of the exam but should be in close proximity to it. In most occurrences it would be expected for the trainee, if requesting for this type of mitigation, withdraw from sitting for their MRCGP CSA or AKT exam. Examples of evidence can be screen shots from e-portfolio entries of how the event had an impact on their preparation or in extreme situations copies of death certificates.

The RCGP also considers other forms of mitigation whereby the candidate suffers from an illness that may not have been severe enough to prevent them from attending the exam but have had an adverse impact upon their preparation. For such cases a medical note / attendant is required with potentially additional evidence necessary upon request. Also cases of mitigation must be submitted within 2 working days after sitting for your MRCGP examination. When sitting for the AKT or CSA exam, the RCGP does require candidates to sign a form stating that they are deemed fit enough for the assessment which is part of the pre-exam registration.

If your request for mitigation is upheld the RCGP may permit you to have an additional attempt outside of the 4 maximum attempts permitted per candidates. However this does not immediately mean that you will get additional training during this time. It may mean you get an opportunity to sit the exam out of training. 

Associate in Training (AiT) 

If you are a member of the Associate in Training (between 1.7.12 - 1.7.13) you may be entitled a reduced cost towards your exam of a total of £405 as this amount was already contained in your subscription package of 3 yearly instalments of £135. Your AiT package includes discounts towards books courses and workshops as well as subscriptions to InnovAiT and the BJGP. It also permits access to the RCGP Online Learning Environment (OLE)