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CSA Symptom Solver: Clinical Frameworks for the MRCGP CSA Exam
ISBN13 :  9780992766122 2nd New edition

Practice, practice, practice with CSA trained actors 
Re-roleplay whole case if necessary!

Intense one day coaching course covering all aspects of the MRCGP CSA exam. If you struggle on a particular case on the course we will let you re-roleplay the whole case if necessary! We focus on difficult consultations such as angry patients, breaking bad news and negotiating a shared management plan will be taught on the day role played with real CSA actors with MRCGP exam experience to reproduce the pressure of the MRCGP CSA exam. 

GP facilitators (UK graduates) offer tailored feedback for UK graduates as well as being IMG friendly. We also help support and train GPs requiring revalidation or retraining for the GMC exams 

2 free MRCGP CSA books

CSAPrep gives you 2 free books on the day of the course worth £75 in total, 1000 pages of material to prepare for your exam. They are called MRCGP CSA Symptom solver (clinical frameworks for the MRCGP CSA exam) and MRCGP CSA Cases (Practice CSA cases and consultation skills for the MRCGP CSA exam). If you have already purchased a book you can receive £20 discount, if you have purchased 2 books then a £50 refund on any course


2 MRCGP CSA courses to choose from

MRCGP CSA Prep has 2 courses on offer for. Both have 18 cases to see, but our regular CSAprep course has 6 goes each whilst our mini-CSA exam course has 12 goes on the day. For more information of the programme - Click here

NB: Students who have attended our MRCGP CSA courses have received a refund of course fees from Deaneries including Manchester, Birmingham, Scotland, London, Kent, Colchester, Leeds. Full receipt is provided on day of attendance

18 CSA role-play cases to see

On the course there are 18 cases to witness and learn from. All of which are written to be of the harder end of your MRCGP CSA exam. This is so that we can best prepare you for the challenges of the CSA exam


6 or 12 cases each with only 3 per group

A maximum of 3 candidates per group and at least 6 cases each so that you get enough time to receive valuable feedback after each case from the actors & GP facilitators. More than other equivalent courses. If you book our mini-CSA course you can roleplay 12 cases with the actors on the day

4 different real CSA actors

Enact the MRCGP CSA exam before sitting it and get valuable advice from each actor who role-play patients in the MRCGP CSA exam. Each case you get will be role-played by a different CSA actor!

Fantastic testimonials & feedback

One IMG candidate failed 4 times and then passed on his last and final attempt (78 score) after attending the course. Another candidate scored 102 on first attempt. Another UK graduate failed on first attempt then scored 89 after going to our course. We also cater for the MRCGP [INT] examination 

MRCGP Course feedback

'Very good CSA course. Also excellent case practice…ample opportunity for honest feedback…have attended other CSA courses…would rate this the best…' 


MRCGP Course feedback

'I think breaking bad news or angry patient should not be any problem for me now as you went through it step by step…I feel much more confident about it after attending your CSA course...'   


"Guys, Just to let you know I passed my CSA with an amazing score of 102!! Keep up the good work with CSA prep course. Thank you. :-)) sorry could not resist! The course definitely gave me the confidence to approach the exam with calm mind, which helped enormously! 

Dr M ST3, London

'I passed got 86 thanks to god, thank u so much for ur help :) the course was excellent and the free cases u gave were really good too:) Regards,'
Dr W ST3, London

"Thanks for your help. Got 96 on my csa exam! what a shock. I passed thanks to the help of yourselves and also some books i bought that were good. Your actors are brilliant. Please thank them for me" 

Dr SB ST3, London

book now csa courses
BOOK NOW on a CSA Prep course

All CSA courses offer 2x MRCGP CSA Books worth £75 given free

December 2016  

CSA Prep regular CSA course
6 goes with CSA actors, see 18 cases in total - £399

CSA Prep mini-CSA exam course
12 goes with CSA actors, see 18 cases in total - £745

2 for two course 

For those candidates who have already attended our full day MRCGP CSA course and want more practice with the facilitators and CSA actors can attend our 2 for two course. For more information of the programme - Click here

MRCGP CSAPrep Course iPad App

The only CSA course to use a bespoke IPad app to recreate the exam experience. CSA Prep have created its own MRCGP CSAprep course IPad app so that you can practice and role-play cases under exam conditions similar to what you will experience in your exam. The IPad app has been designed to be as close to that found in your CSA exam. More information regarding the use of the IPad in the MRCGP CSA exam - Click here


mrcgp csa course exam ipad app

written by the GP Facilitators

The GP Facilitators (Nazmul Akunjee & Muhammad Akunjee) have written several books on clinical examination skills as well as communication skills. They have together authored 5 medical text books of which 3 of them are BMA award winning and they were nominated for BMA young author of the year. They are currently writing several CSA books for the MRCGP CSA exam. For more information about the books the authors have written - Click here

Practice CSA cases and consultation skills for the MRCGP CSA exam

This book contains 26 comprehensive challenging CSA cases as well as chapters on communication skills needed to pass your MRCGP CSA exam

Preview of the CSA book genetic case sample chapter
Available directly from website. Also available on Amazon.co.uk or from RCGP online bookshop

mrcgp csa cases

CSA Books: RCGP CSA Symptom Solver
Clinical frameworks for the MRCGP CSA exam (530 pages)

Book containing 120 clinical frameworks or scenarios for your MRCGP CSA exam. Detailed book including history, examination and management as well as including jargon free explanations for conditions. 650 pages

Detailed preview available on Google Books as well as sample CSA book chapters
Available from directly from website and Amazon.co.uk or from RCGP online bookshop 

mrcgp csa symptom solver

Other Medical textbooks that the CSA course facilitators have written:
easy guide to osces medical students       scion clinical skills explained
easy guide to osces for specialities       easy guide to osces for communication skills

Quick Reference
for the MRCGP CSA exam

The MRCGP CSA course organisers have written some quick reference tools to help you pass your MRCGP CSA exam and aid you in your consultation skills. We recommend using  and adapting them into your daily consultations to improve your communication skills. For more information regarding communication skills and cases: Click here

Top Tips
for the RCGP CSA Exam 

CSA Prep have written some articles of the common pitfalls that candidates experience in their MRCGP CSA exams. It also discusses about the new paediatric cases and child actors that are being introduced into the CSA exam. It offers constructive advice about how to prepare for your exam and what to expect on the day and top tips to improve your consultation skills to help you pass your final GP exam.

resources and websites links to visit csa exam

Useful MRCGP CSA Exam 
Resources and Websites

Useful links and websites that can help you pass your MRCGP CSA exam include the RCGP website for latest information regarding the exams, or the London Deanery for the GP curriculum and resources. Other good revision links include NICE & BNF for latest medical guidelines. 

Useful GP registrar online resources for the MRCGP CSA exam include the BradfordVTS, and the Pennine GP Training website. For online revision for the AKT, GPnotebook and the NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) are rich in up-to-date advice. Useful tips for explanations of common conditions can be found from patient.co.uk 

For more resources try using the E-Learning RCGP website for useful videos on how to do focused examination. It also includes useful e-modules for your CSA and AKT exams. A summary of the MRCGP AKT reports can be found on the RCGP website. RCGP CSA information gives useful information of exam dates and any changes to the exam. There are also useful statistics and produced by the RCGP about the CSA exam summary points

Once you have qualified, if you feel you need more support you can consider trying for an ST4 job from the london deanery. For academic posts consider GP recruitment website 

mrcgp csa exam news


Below are a set of news articles about the MRCGP CSA exam

Interpreting the 
RCGP CSA Exam Feedback 

Below is an article written by MRCGP CSA Prep to try and help explain how to interpret the feedback given from the RCGP. In what can be somewhat confusing, the GP facilitator attempt to demystify this information. A structured mark sheet for how each CSA case is assessed is found on the RCGP website. Other resources including advice how to interpret the feedback of the MRCGP CSA exam score cards as well as the grade descriptors the MRCGP CSA examiners use to assess you with across the three domains.

MRCGP CSA exam feedback

MRCGP CSAprep courses is not affiliated with the RCGP. All CSA cases used have been written anew by MRGP CSAprep facilitators to be of the same standard (if not harder) than those seen in the actual MRCGP CSA exam. If there is any perceived resemblance between the MRCGP CSAprep cases and the CSA exam this is purely co-incidental and not intentional. The CSA actors used by the course maintain all aspects of confidentiality of the cases they act out in the real MRCGP CSA exam. Our course facilitators are Dr Muhammed Akunjee and Dr Nazmul Akunjee.